The Antena, one of my favorites magical passes

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The Antena, one of my favorites magical passes

Message  Rakel le Ven 4 Sep - 21:02

I love this magical passe, it really connects me to the stars and allows me to get a very special energy. It brings me easily into silence. I feel the gestures are very strong...Looking up to the sky my individual view melts into this amazing universe, I realize that the same force that is moving the stars, the galaxy, is moving me too...
Here it is: The Antena.

with plenty of affection,


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Message  Colline le Ven 4 Sep - 23:05

It is also one of my favorite. There is something in the movements that is absolutly delicious, maybe because it puts fully into motion the area of the chest and heart, and it feels like the arms are trying to embrace the all space around the body when they move in circles, in front and behind. And as you say, there is also this feeling of being a little human trying to reach the stars when your fingers are pointing at the sky - a feeling of being a little human, but a little human complete and eager to travel above!
Thank you for this one!

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