Oyeme Cachita!

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Oyeme Cachita! Empty Oyeme Cachita!

Message  Rakel le Dim 6 Sep - 17:17

I´m not sure about it´s name, I think it´s Oyeme Cachita (at least the music it´s called like that)...In any case it´s another of my favorite series. I love the alertness that it requires; because of the speed it stops immediately my internal dialog, and I love the joy that it produces in the group where I have practice it...It´s amazing to see how all the "serious warriors" turn into playful dancers while they are doing this serie...
If someone can tell me how to upload music, I would love to share the version of Oyeme Cachita that we use to practice this pass...it´s specially fast...

Yesss, I love dancing!

Great day for all,

Rakel Very Happy

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Oyeme Cachita! Empty Le Tango des sorciers

Message  Thomas Bourdon le Sam 6 Nov - 21:06

Hello Rakel, Very Happy I believe you can find the music on the active recapitulation site, if not I can send it to you. I can't find how to join a file here Sad ....
I would be very pleased if could give me a description or show me this serie, because I have all the passes but I don't have the order nor the rythm. So...
I love you
I will be back in 2 weeks afro

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Oyeme Cachita! Empty Re: Oyeme Cachita!

Message  Adrien le Mer 12 Jan - 0:33

Hello Rakel,

You are able to share any file easily through this website : www.2shared.com

I love dancing too Smile


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Oyeme Cachita! Empty Re: Oyeme Cachita!

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